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Oscar Peterson – How To Play Piano Blues Licks on the Guitar

In this Oscar Peterson Lesson, I am going to go over some of the blues licks and phrases he plays on C Jam Blues off the Night Train Album. Oscar Peterson is an amazing player to check out for both some very solid bebop and some awesome Blues. His ability to play blues on pretty much everything and get it to sound great is mind-blowing.

The examples in this video illustrate how Oscar Peterson used blues phrases and melodies and mixed those with bebop chromaticism and some very hip rhythm ideas.

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0:00 Intro – Why Oscar Peterson is great

0:22 C Jam Blues Solo – What Guitar Players Can learn from him

0:43 Example #1 – Stop Chorus!

0:47 Analysis of the Form

1:16 Typical “Piano” Ideas in licks (Herbie does this as well…)

1:38 Major Pentatonic like Charlie Parker!

2:18 Hear Parker Play it!

2:24 Example #1 Slow

2:31 A few thoughts on Swing Phrasing and Tempo

3:25 Example #2 – Intervals

3:28 Guitar Players: Use more notes in Blues!

3:53 Breaking down the idea!

4:10 The Rhythm: Anticipation

4:34 Example #2 Slow

4:36 Example #3 – Amazing Turnaround idea

4:39 Chromaticism in Blues

5:52 Example #3 Slow

5:58 Example #4  Another type of Anticipation

6:03 Another type of Anticipation

6:32 Using Octaves to accent notes

7:11 Example #4 Slow

7:29 Example #5 – Blues Double Stops Supreme!

7:34 Using Chromaticism in a Blues Phrase

8:45 Example #5 Slow

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