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Adam Rogers – This is how to use Triplet Rhythms

In this Adam Rogers Lesson, I am going to take a look at some phrases from his guitar solo on Beautiful Love. It’s a great solo as a show case on how he works with triplet rhythms and triplet polyrhythms. Having worked with Chris Potter and Michael Brecker, Adam Rogers is no stranger to complicated rhythms and meters. The examples in this video are all on II V I cadences so you can also view it to watch get some II V I Adam Rogers Licks.

This solo is found on Adam Rogers trio cd: Sight. The cd features Clarence Penn on Drums and John Patitucci on bass.

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Very Early Guitar Solo – Fake Fake Fake B – Excerpt from a Jam

Here’s a part of a jam session with two friends. We are playing Bill Evans’ fantastic Jazz Waltz: Very Early – Guitar solo and then out theme..

As you can tell by the ending this is a jam session and not a rehearsal or a real band, but I really liked how it sounded and thought the ending was funny.