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Jazz Guitar Q&A #10 – Jazz Chords in Metal, Tetrachords, Relative Modes

My 10th Q&A video already!

I am quite proud to have managed to make 10 weekly Q&A videos!

Besides having a discussion with the IRS I am in this video talking about Tetra Chords, Dom7th chord cycles, Relative Modes, and Jazz Chords in Metal.

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In this weeks Q&A I am covering quesions on:

  • Dom7th chord cycles
  • Jazz Chords in Metal
  • Relative Modes
  • Tetrachords


Contents with links:

0:10 Intro
1:22 Dom7th chord cycles
15:26 Jazz Chords in Metal
24:42 Relative Modes
33:30 Tetrachords
40:43 Outro