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3 ways to Solo over Chord Changes – Important Jazz Strategies

You want to Solo over Chord Changes and still play melodies that makes sense. This can be extremely difficult in the beginning. Most of us quickly realize that it is not just about hitting the right notes, it is also about the melodies that we make with those notes.

In this video I am going to go over some different strategies for making melodies over chord changes that I think you should work on and get into your playing. They will help you be much more free when you are soloing and also give you ways to practice playing over chord changes and still sound play a melodic solo.

Solo Over Chord Changes

Table of Contents

0:00 Intro – Solo Over Chord Changes

0:09 Playing Over Chords and sounding Melodic

0:29 The Three Strategies

1:20 #1 Transposing Motifs – What it is, What it helps you do

2:05 The Cliché example of this

2:28 How It Is Used In Compositions

3:00 What Transposing Motifs does not do

3:26 #2 Target Notes – How It Works and adds Forward Motion

3:54 Choosing Target Notes

4:13 Example of Line Using Target Notes

4:48 Another Set of Target Notes for the dominant

5:24 Pros and Cons of Target Notes

6:06 #3 Melodic Voice-Leading

6:51 A Basic example on a II V I

7:41 How To Practice and Use Melodic Voice-Leading

8:41 Two Examples of how it can work in a II V I line

9:33 All Three Techniques Are Useful

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