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Summertime – Backing Track – PlayAlong – Medium Swing 122 bpm

Summertime – Backing Track – PlayAlong – Medium Swing 122 bpm

George Gershwins Summertime is certainly one of the most famous jazz standards ever written!

It’s a great 16 bar form that lends itself to both bluesy and more jazzy minor sounds. Summertime is also the chord progression that Wes Montgommery wrote Four on Six on. His version is decorated with a constant II V movement which is typical for the Hard Bop era chord progressions.

I posted this backing track on the request of Matt Warnock since his FaceBook group has Summertime as Tune of the month in February: https://www.facebook.com/groups/playjazzguitar/?ref=bookmarks


My lesson on different Tonic Minor options:

The Changes I play:

The WebStore lesson of a 4 chorus solo on Summertime:

Summertime – Tonic minor options – Solo Lesson

Backing tracks on YouTube: