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Barney Kessel – How to mix Swing and Bebop

This Barney Kessel Guitar Lesson breaks down three examples of the great mix of swing and bebop in his playing. Barney Kessel is a guitarist that has been around for a huge part of Jazz Guitar history. He has played with everybody from Charlie Parker to Sonny Rollins and done a lot of sideman stuff!

What to learn from Barney Kessel

The idea for this video came from a student bringing in the video and the transcription in a lesson. While there are things that this track are not a great example of it also showcases some of the things that are truly great about Barney Kessels playing and something that everybody should check out! Melodies with great interesting rhythms and how to use that in a jazz context! His mix of swing guitar licks and bebop is really a worthwhile study.

The  Transcription video

The video that my student brought in was this one. It has a transcription of the entire song, theme solo and out theme. The intro is really beautiful and at the same time also really simple!

There are a lot of great phrases and ideas to be lifted from this if you are interested in digging into it a bit deeper.

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