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Triad Pairs – How To Use Them On a Minor Blues

Triad pairs are great for creating some amazing modern sounding jazz lines! You can really apply it to any genre but they are most common in Jazz. In this lesson, I am going to first play a 2 chorus solo on a Cm Blues and then I will break down the solo and show you what and how I am using the triad pairs. Talk about which scale they come from, how they fit on the chord and also how I make licks with them.

Some of this is going to be in position and some of it is also along the neck using triad pairs with major, minor, augmented and diminished triads. In the video, I cover 5 types of triad pairs and also give some exercises to help you get them into your system.

If you want to study more material on triad pairs I have this playlist: Triad Pairs


0:00 Intro

0:25 What I am cover with Triad Pairs and the Minor Blues Solo

0:44 The Minor Blues Solo

1:31 A Longer Video with more details and exercises.

1:57 Triad Pairs – a basic overview

2:23 Diatonic Triads of C melodic minor

3:03 The first triad pair: Eb augmented, F

4:34 C7alt: E augmented, Gb

6:06 E augmented Gb Exercise

6:16 F Dorian Triad Pair and exercise

7:16 Fm, Gm Exercise

7:21 How The Line is constructed

7:53 Cm: Cm Dm

8:29 The Triad Pair Hack

8:45 Two-string sets for triad pairs

9:12 Cm Dm – Two String exercise

10:10 Ab7 triad pair –

11:14 7-note groupings

11:42 G7alt Triad Pair

11:42 Dorian Triad pair on Cm13

12:27 B augmented, Db Exercise

12:32 Cm Dorian Triad Pair

13:26 2nd Chorus: Using a String set and inversion across several chords

14:02 The 3 Triad Pairs and exercises

14:53 Fm triad pair: Fm, Gm

15:39 Great CmMaj(13) triad pair

16:18 How Augmented Triads are practical

17:04 Exercises and moving across the neck

17:55 Diminished Triad in Triad Pairs: Ab7 18:34 A Lydian b7 Triad Pair

19:08 Minor Triad pair for G7alt

19:38 Lydian Dominant Exercise

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Minor Blues – Melodic Minor Boost!

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Vlog: Advanced ideas: Triads and Spread Triads on Out Of Nowhere

Triads and Spread Triads are invaluable as tools for making jazz lines, especially in the realm of more modern sounding melodies. The video is in three main parts: An analysis of the chord progression, Finding triads that can be used and discussing outside or exotic scale choices, and finally making lines with the material and talking about the colors of the superimposed jazz guitar triads. How to make guitar licks and what rules come into play when using triad pairs and spread triads in jazz guitar solos.

This video turned out to be a lot longer than I thought, but especially the ending I think is a good documentation of how I write lines and you see me experiment with the material I find through the analysis and the triad options.

There’s also a lot of good discussion on melodies and how you write strong melodies with material like this.

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0:00 Intro


1:01 Analysis of chords and form
1:28 Key and form
1:56 The Chords and their function
2:14 The mysterious Eb7 German Augmented Sixth Chord
2:43 The Double Diminished #IV explanation
3:45 Back to the Harmonic Analysis
4:49 How Out Of Nowhere is about Eb7 in G major
5:46 Analysis of The 2nd half of the song
7:02 A modal aspect of Out Of Nowhere
7:46 Why Triads and Diatonic triads are so great for solos

Finding Options Triads for the chords

8:44 Selecting Triads
9:16 Triad options for Gmaj7

10:17 adding the Lydian Options to Gmaj7
11:56 Harmonizing the melody with a lydian sound
12:51 Lydian Augmented triads on Gmaj7
13:48 Augmented Scale on Gmaj7
14:30 Bbm7 Eb7
16:45 C7(#11)
17:15 Bm7
17:32 E7 altered
18:53 Am
22:07 Am7 D7
22:54 D7 altered
23:26 D7 Diminished

Making Lines:

24:48 Making lines with triads
26:31 Extensions in the melody of Out Of Nowhere
26:48 G major/ B minor triad over Gmaj7
29:21 Voice-leading B minor to Bb minor
31:11 Bbm Eb7
33:48 Connecting Gmaj7 C7
34:47 G major – Melodic Minor Hack
37:13 Bm7 E7alt – E7 triad pairs
38:48 Ab+ and Bb major
41:21 Am
42:18 The might Am triad
43:26 Making D7 altered lines
45:18 D7 Diminished Line Ideas

46:15 Exotic scales and Spread Triads

47:24 Spread Triads On Gmaj7
51:33 Bbm Eb7 ideas with Open Triads
52:41 Spread triad ideas for E7alt
53:40 Rules of melodic movement in a Jazz Lick
56:06 Mark Turner and Kurt Rosenwinkel
57:30 Emphasizing upper structures and extensions
58:51 Resolving into the Lydian Augmented sound