The Cheapest Jazz Guitar On Amazon 🤔

The Cheapest Jazz Guitar On Amazon 🤔

In this video, I’m taking you on a ride as I unbox this budget Jazz axe, put it through its paces, and answer the burning question: can you actually play this thing and how does it sound?

Did you ever get shocked by he price tag of a decent jazz box? I know I did, so I decided to throw caution (and maybe a little common sense) to the wind. I grabbed the absolute cheapest jazz guitar I could find on Amazon – we’re talking around $270!

You can check out the guitar here:

First Impressions: Cardboard Concerns and Not-So-Hateful Frets

The guitar showed up with the usual crew – a gig bag, some picks, a strap, a cable, and even a beginner’s guide, which is a nice touch.

But right off the bat, I wasn’t feeling confident about the packaging. Cardboard isn’t exactly Fort Knox for shipping a delicate instrument, but thankfully, the guitar seemed to survive the journey unscathed thanks to some extra plastic wrapping.

Taking a closer look, things were a bit of a mixed bag. The strings felt a little on the tight side, and the action – that’s the space between the strings and the fretboard – wasn’t perfect. Not unplayable by any means, but definitely not ideal. On the bright side, the frets were smooth enough and didn’t feel like they would declare war on my fingertips while I fumbled through those jazz chords.

Uh Oh, Did I Get a Dud?

Things got a little interesting when I started tuning the guitar. As I adjusted the knobs, the tone knob felt a little… loose. Like the pot, the part that controls the tone, might be busted. Now, I’m no luthier, but I also know better than to start operating on an instrument without a clue. So, quick disclaimer for you guys – don’t attempt any DIY guitar surgery unless you know what you’re doing!

Luckily, a simple twist by hand seemed to fix the wonky knob, but it definitely added a moment of concern.

The Sound Test: Cheap, But Not a Complete Letdown

The real test, of course, is in the sound. I plugged in the guitar and decided to play a short melody. But to get a good comparison, I also grabbed two of my higher-end guitars –

an Ibanez`

and a classic ES-175.

Let’s just say, the difference was clear as night and day. The cheap guitar sounded, well, cheap.

It was muddy and lacked the crispness of the other two guitars. It also had a noticeably lower volume output.

Wait, There’s a Silver Lining?

Here’s the surprising part. Despite the sound limitations, I was actually impressed by the guitar’s ability to capture a basic jazz tone. It wasn’t going to win any awards, but it definitely had that characteristic smooth, warm sound you associate with jazz guitar. More importantly, it was playable! I could absolutely use this guitar to practice those jazz progressions, and with a new set of strings, it might even hold its own at a casual jam session.

The Verdict: Budget Jazz Box, Beginner’s Blessing?

For the price tag, I have to say this little budget guitar offered surprising value for beginner jazz players like myself. Here’s the takeaway: it’s playable, it has a decent jazz tone (considering the price), and it even comes with a gig bag and some basic accessories. Sure, you might be tempted to upgrade the pickups later on for a better sound, but those upgrades could easily cost more than the guitar itself! In the end, I give this a thumbs up as a starter option for someone who wants to explore the world of jazz guitar without emptying their bank account.

Of course, the experiment doesn’t end here. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this particular guitar model in the comments. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some valuable tips or hidden gems shared by fellow budget jazz enthusiasts!

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