The Jazz Guitar Roadmap

It is here! I am very proud to present my new online course:
The Jazz Guitar Roadmap

✅ An organized approach for practicing and learning Jazz Guitar

✅ How to get you started playing solos that sound like Jazz

✅ What you need and how you start coming up with Jazz lines

Get an invitation to check it out here:

6 thoughts on “The Jazz Guitar Roadmap

  1. Francisco José Soler Buigas

    Hello Jens,
    I would like to do your jazz guitar course but I cannot find the way to do it.
    The web leads to me to an invitation but not to a page to make the reservation and the payment.
    Thanks a lot

  2. idanbarir

    Hi Jens,
    Is registration to the roadmap still open? I typed my email but have received no invitation.
    Is there a way I can check the program?
    Thanks a lot for this and for all the great stuff you’re posting,

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