This is a Good 10-minute Practice Routine

It is difficult to find time to practice and we all want to spend hours every day. If you only have a limited amount of time for your jazz guitar practice then what should you work on?

This video is going over what a 10-minute practice routine could look like and some of the things that are important to keep in mind if you are trying to make a practice plan.

The Basic Routine

The basic structure of the practice routine is shown below

How to improve the way you practice Jazz Guitar

Jazz Practice Routine How To Find The Perfect Balance

How to practice your scales and why – Positions

Content of the video:

0:00 #1 Intro – Short Practice Sessions

0:40 #2 Warming up fingers and synchronizing hands

1:12 Scales and Exercises – in position

1:32 The things you need to practice in your scales

1:58 Open-ended practice: Change keys, positions, and exercises

2:46 What Do You Practice with scale exercises? 

3:36 Adjusting for a slower tempo

3:59 #3 Exercises along the neck

4:40 #4 Technical exercises on a Song

5:05 Making music and using technique on a piece of music

5:50 #5 Vocabulary and Reading

6:43 #6 Make Music! – Soloing on a Song

7:35 10 minutes to stay in shape and make music every day

8:17 What is your 10-minute practice routine

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