Vlog: How I got into jazz guitar & Why I make videos – Jens Larsen

In this video, I will tell the story about how I got started playing jazz guitar and also about what I am trying to achieve with the videos I make (besides having fun talking about Jazz Music and Jazz Guitar..)

Hope you find it useful! It felt like I owed you guys an explanation as to why I make all these videos! I think that a big part of how to learn jazz is learning songs and I in part take that from my own journey! I also talk about starting late since I didn’t get into jazz at an early age.

2 thoughts on “Vlog: How I got into jazz guitar & Why I make videos – Jens Larsen

  1. Mike Clarke

    That was very interesting listening to your story, thank you for sharing.
    I had to laugh when you said you started late. I’m retired, 70 this year, and only started getting interested in Jazzz last year. Just been a basic acoustic guitar solo singer, folk/country for hobby/fun over the years.
    So I’m really starting late lol.

    Anyway, just to say I’m glad I’ve found you on Youtube, now subscribed to your newsletter.

    The more I check out your posts/info/youtubes etc, the more I feel happy that I’ve found a teacher/resource to have some fun learning Jazz guitar.

    I have an Ephiphone Sheraton electric guitar that I’ve had for years but never really played. I’ve put some flat wound strings on it and it sounds great.

    I’ve also purchased your Standard lesson ‘Take the A Train’ and looking forward to working on that as well as the scale/arpegio beginner exercises you sent me the links for.

    Thankyou and all the best for 2023. I’m looking forward to my Jazz guitar journey with you as my guide.

    All the best, Mike Clarke

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