Vlog: It’s not about the notes

You’re probably thinking I am going to talk about rhythm, which would make sense for this title too. But I am actually going to talk more about melody.

Very often when we study jazz we get lost in the harmony in the lines, so we think about the scales and about what the notes are related to the chords and we work hard on hitting this or that note over a specific chord. I have made a lot of lessons on this on my channel already, and it is an important subject.

What we often forget is that you don’t only have to work on using interesting harmonies in our solos, we also have to make good melodies. When we study only towards hitting the right notes over the chords then we don’t really hear the melodies that we end up playing. For most people that means that their lines consists almost only of scale runs and 3rds based arpeggios.

This vlog is just some thoughts on the topic, mostly because it is something that I am busy with quite often and that I do try to address in the lessons, but I don’t  have too many specific lessons on the subject.